what is leaf water solutions?

a space, a drive, a movement, a collection, a folio, vision, a practice, an artist, a collaboration, a body of work, an oasis of creative thought.

where design meets strategy meets science

a vessel for creativity

a platform to enable, map, navigate and implement creative exploration

​a small agile creative entity 

exploration is subdivided into:

proactive         responsive       therapeutic

the proactive areas of exploration cover interests felt to offer new opportunities within a specific area or field.

the responsive areas are more commercial based and involve undertaking projects for clients to solve particular creative challenges for their brands or businesses. 

the therapeutic area to the exploration is a drive dedicated to the better understanding of the human behavioural benefits that engaging in creative practices can bring from a perspective of positive energy and general well being.

most creative explorations take the form of micro projects and are usually ongong, taking on an organic like form as they grow and evolve over time.

the multiple micro projects are similar to the leaves on the ends of branches of a tree - many in number, small, each serving a dedicated purpose, each interconnected, and covering many areas on the tree which can be seen as representing the overall body of general knowledge that supports everything

all three areas are interconnected and tend to feed into eachother. this process of interflowing can be likened to the effortless dynamic flow of water from one area to another enabling fluid creative processes to occur.

The resulting process creates a forward thinking / innovation based platform that serves as solution finding entity to solve creative based problems and challenges.

water - agile, freeflowing and fluid in creative thinking

solutions - problem solving approach

part of what leaf offers is a support service to companies, brands and other agencies.

as well as a service leaf is also a creative platform for exploration of technology and innovation

if it is creative then leaf has an interest