the area named spark is dedicated to the power of inspiration and energy to drive creative momentum

without this simple yet vital ingredient, it is very hard to be motivated creatively

spark looks in closer detail at the human experiences of creative engagement

the positive attributes of creativity itself 

how these can directly effect human behaviour and wellbeing.

the human values that come from engaging in creativity and the resulting  experiences.

the area of creativity covering dimensions such as:

what exactly is creativity
who can benefit from being creative
what creative tools and techniques exist

creativity and being creative is so more than just a process to reach an outcome. the very nature of being creative can, have far more benefits to us as individuals than we might imagine.

it is an area within leaf that is primarily focused on the process and practice of finding inspiration and then using that inspiration as a catalyst to generate concepts.

inspiration is an essential ingredient in the creative process and spark is dedicated to all things new, innovative or inspiring.